Are MELJAC keypads compatible with lighting control and home automation systems?

Yes. MELJAC keypads can be supplied with momentary push buttons and toggles which can integrate into a home automation or lighting control system using contact-closure interfaces. Example systems include Lutron lighting control systems or Crestron home automation systems. When ordering MELJAC keypads you or your specialist will need to specify that they are for a low voltage system so that the push and toggle mechanisms will be supplied as momentary switches.

Can MELJAC keypads provide dimming?

Yes. MELJAC keypads can be supplied with momentary switches allowing any compatible home automation or lighting control systems to be programmed to provide dimming, scenes setting, and blinds, curtains and shutter control. Your specialist will need to supply the correct interface for the system they use (for example, Lutron or Crestron).

Can MELJAC push buttons and toggle buttons both be used?

Yes. MELJAC keypads can be supplied as push buttons that can be pressed once to have lights turned on, when the same button is pushed and held it can also be used to dim the lights. This is because the push buttons rest in an ‘open’ state, so you can push them to deliver a contact signal (turning the lights on or off) and can also be held for a sustained contact (that can be used for dimming).

Toggle switches rest in the centre with both ‘up’ or ‘down’ states for dimming or shade control. For example, the toggle could be clicked up once to turn on the lights, and then held up or down to raise or lower the lights. Nice and simple.

What kind of control can be achieved?

When used with a compatible lighting control or home automation system MELJAC keypads can be programmed to achieve a number of functions. A toggle or push button could be used to:

  • Provide on or off function for a lighting scene in a room
  • Turn all house lights on or off as you enter or leave the home
  • Allow selection of various lighting scenes or setups
  • Raise or dim lights
  • Open and close curtains, blinds and shutters
  • Provide bespoke functions such as controlling multi-room audio or revealing a TV hidden in a wall

What do I need to consider if using a contact-closure interface?

If using MELJAC with home automation or lighting control systems you need to ensure any specialist contact-closure interfaces are coordinated into the installation. This may require a deeper backbox than the 47mm deep UK standard. We typically recommend a 60mm backbox which works well with a Lutron or Crestron interface.

If using a backbox extension ensure you coordinate the backbox screw orientation with the faceplate screw orientation so both pairs of screws do not clash on installation.

Speak to your home automation or lighting control system installer to help your coordinate MELJAC into your scheme. 

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